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John, I wanted to personally thank you for showing me the areas in my playing that needed the most work. Your pentatonic video lessons are amazing and a great resource. I have used your chord and rhythm exercises and am now playing right along perfect with my drum machine. I use the videos on your website for reference. You’re the best!

— Chris Brick, Age 49

Brianna is thrilled to get started on Paramore’s song!  I do enjoy watching her lessons and my husband thinks she sounds pretty good!

— Holly Switzer (Mom) and student Brianna, Age 14

Guitar Student AngeloMy son was very excited after the first lesson, you left a great impression on him. We have been searching for a guitar instructor such as yourself. Thank you so much for that..!! e have also enjoyed your CD. You have a wonderful talent and have inspired my child to overcome his fears of playing in front of people.

Please keep up all the fantastic work you do! Angelo said we made a great decision finding you!!

— Marco (Father) and student Angelo, Age 10

When we first met John for music lessons, we were just seeking a supplemental music theory instructor for my then 11-year-old son Angus. John was a referral from another one of his student’s father. John’s knowledge of music theory and the thoroughness of his guitar instruction program literally blew us away.

Rochen Family Guitar LessonsI decided to take John for guitar lessons along with Angus’ lessons and he never charged us additional money to teach us both at the same time. Though I had never played the guitar before, John’s patient teaching method seemed to make learning the guitar very easy. Before too long, we had John over at our house on Saturday afternoons for jam sessions with me playing complete songs on the guitar, John on the bass, my wife Kim singing and Angus jamming on the drums.

The culmination of all this work was our Summer CD project “School Of Rhythm” where myself, Angus, John, Kim and the rest of the family all joined forces to create our very first 6-song CD recording.

I can’t express enough how working with John was a complete joy and he really came through getting our CD completed. John is a first-class professional all the way and I would recommend him to anyone…

— Ed Rochen and Family, Arlington, Texas

Hi John! It’s Jules, Jaysen’s girlfriend. I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how happy I am that we found you to help teach Jaysen on his guitar.

His confidence is 100x’s what it was before and he loves to practice and play now. He sounds so amazing! It blows me away how much he has picked up in such a short amount of time, I know that there is still a lot that the wants to learn from you but I just wanted to tell you how great I think he is doing! He used to be so frustrated before and now he picks up his guitar and is eager to play something or practice or learn something new.

He comes home from lessons with you and is so hyped up and excited about what he learned and it is so awesome to see all the pieces falling in place for him, this is something that he wanted to do for so long and I am so happy that he likes you and is learning so much from you!
He really looks up to you a lot and thinks you are so amazing! Even though we haven’t met I am sure that you are amazing because of the improvement and the eagerness in Jaysen to learn from you!

There has been so much going on with us the last couple of months so I know that it has been difficult for him to schedule lessons with you, in fact we are moving this weekend, but he is totally stoked that he will have his own music room! Thank you for being so understanding and flexible with the lessons. I know that Jaysen plans to learn as much from you as he can for as long as he can. Hopefully once we get moved our schedules will mellow out a little bit.

Again I just wanted to say thank you and I know that you are an amazing teacher and it is clear that you love what you do. I just wanted to tell you thank you and how much you are appreciated!

— Julia Vassallo, Arlington, Texas

Guitar Lesson KiddoI brought my daughter to John for a guitar lesson. He is the first person to take the time to show her the proper way to play her guitar. And she actually went home with homework!!

Very happy we found him. Fantastic rates!

— Scott (Father) and student Kaitlyn, Age 12

Hi John – I just wanted to thank you for meeting with me the other night, and spending so much time with me about my guitar playing. I have been to several guitar teachers in the last year or so, trying to get a handle on my playing and get helpful feedback. They all had something to teach me, but in you – I finally found someone who would actually observe, constructively critique, and offer me concrete improvement strategies.

Thank you very much! I have been playing the scales and vibrato exercises you suggested. I will pursue this and will check back with you in several weeks as you suggested.

Have a great week!

— Stan, Age 40

I worked on the drills Monday and I think I’ve gotten better after taking your lessons. I’m thinking of coming up with my own music so I’m gonna be working on that too. Thanks!

— Tony, Age 23
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