Gibson CF-100 Vintage Sunburst

Gibson CF-100 Vintage Sunburst

Gibson’s small-body flat-top with a Florentine cutaway

The CF-100 was an innovative design when Gibson offered it’s first flat-top cutaway instrument in 1950. Players touted the ease of playing provided by the Florentine cutaway and smaller body design and this Limited Edition remains true to its history. Featuring vintage style three-on-a-plate white button tuners, large trapezoid inlays, traditional tear drop pickguard, and open slotted belly-up bridge. Finished in Gibson’s famous Vintage Sunburst finish.

Cutaway Design: Comfortable small body Florentine cutaway design.

New for 2016. Bridge: Rare belly up open slot bridge design. Pickguard: Traditional tortoise tear drop pickguard. Improved Feel: Fingerboard edge is softened to comfortably fit the contour of the player’s hand Enhanced Finish: Finer grit sandpaper and polishing compounds for gloss finish. Premium Setup: Utilizing state-of-the-art German engineered Plek technology to create the finest playing surface possible. Hand finished for the world’s finest feel and playability. Smoother hand rubbed and oiled fingerboard and bridges: New penetrating and finishing oil last longer and maximizes woods natural vibrancy.

Texas Rock Guitarist John E. Davis is the former CEO and Lead Music Instructor at the Texas Guitar School in Arlington, Texas.

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