Charvel Jackson Model 2 Skull Guitar

Custom Built Guitars

John E. Davis can build you a quality instrument that will delight you with exceptional tone and great playability, optimized to your personal preferences. From guitar modifications including custom paint jobs, fretboard scalloping, new fret installs, custom guitar cavity shielding, custom electronics installs and relicing to big block tremolo installs, John E. Davis can handle all your custom guitar needs.

Custom Built Charvel Model 2

Why buy an instrument off the shelf from a big-box retailer that’s exactly like thousands of other instruments? Why not custom build a guitar that needs your personal needs and specs. As a guitar player, build an instrument that meets yours personal needs and taste with all the utmost quality, beauty, and rigorous attention to detail.

Custom Built Fender Strat

You can now own a custom-made, hand-built guitar without the custom-made, hand-built price. You can either bring the individual guitar parts to assemble, rebuild and existing guitar with your modified specs or let John E. Davis take the hassle out of your custom build experience and tell me what you are looking for in a guitar and I’ll make it happen.

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