John E. Davis Jamming

About Guitarist John E. Davis

John E. Davis Education

University of Texas – Arlington
Bachelor of Fine Art Degree
Major: Business Marketing
Minor: Music

Tarrant County College
Southeast Campus
Associate of Science Degree
Major: Mathematics

San Antonio College (SAC)
66 undergraduate hours
Major: Music Theory

Academic credentials are available upon request.

John E. Davis Experience

Music and Guitar Instructor – 2010
Northstar High School
Arlington, Texas

Two, 36 date, U.S. Tours – 2006, 2008
Promoting self-produced
music CD “180 Proof”

Seven studio CD recordings
2006 to 2017
Arlington Guitars Records

Guitar Repair and Set-up Man – 1992
Music Makers • San Antonio, Texas.
Fender repair certification since 2003.

Well what can I say? I guess it all got started back in high school and my first years of college. I got my first guitar about age 13. My dad bought me a cheap Sears copy of a Les Paul for Christmas one year and a little 10-watt practice amp. I can remember playing the thing until my fingers bled and my hands hurt so bad that I could hardly write in school.

Within a couple years I was playing along with songs I heard on the radio. I would play up to five hours a day after school. I was reading music, guitar tablature and chord charts while taking Music Theory at Tom C. Clark High School and San Antonio College.

I eventually got into rock bands in the 80’s and have played with many Texas musicians such as Kyle Ellison of Pariah and Meat Puppets as well as Shandon Sahm, Dave Derrick, Jared Tuten, and Sims Ellison. I make my own style of aggressive, driving Rock-N-Roll. I try to keep my songs constructions simple, setting up a showcase for my soloing abilities, my real strength. I write, create and record my own all original music. I also produce an engineer all material as well.

I hope you enjoy my music. – John

John E. Davis Live Guitar
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