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2015 CD Release – Up From The Ashes

Up From The Ashes CD CoverThis CD began both out of necessity (I was out of CDs…) and as a good summer project. With so many great tube amps in my home begging me to play them, I thought writing and recording a new CD would give me a chance to put these new tube amps through their paces.

The amps didn’t disappoint.

This new CD contains both all original songs and a few songs where I play guitar over pre-recorded backing tracks. Recording the guitars for this CD took about eight weeks in my home studio.

I hope you enjoy! — Johnny D.

Up From The Ashes Inside SleeveSpecial thanks to Steve Sagerson for his vocals on “Tush” and Angus Rochen for playing drums on “Spanish Dancing” and “Pre AP Shredding”. Thanks also goes out to Chris Brick for use of his Soldano head and Marshall cab.

Lead Guitars: John E. Davis
Rhythm Guitars: John E. Davis
Bass: John E. Davis
Keyboards: John E. Davis
Live Drums: Angus Rochen
Vocals: Steve Sagerson

Click here for the audio files

Recording Soldano Marshall
John Davis Texas Guitarist
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